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WaterWall in Motion. Sorry, but the competition ended in March 2022.

WaterWall in Motion. Sorry, but the competition ended in March 2022.

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The WaterWall and Water Wall in Motion projects are activities in Scotland’s Year of Coasts and Waters, and are funded by the Centre of expertise for Waters (CREW) and Scottish Alliance for Geoscience, Environment and Society (SAGES) with professional input from the Scottish water community.

The WaterWall in Motion project is collecting videos from the people of Scotland and its visitors to record the experiences and enjoyment of Scotland’s coastal landscape and waters.

The WaterWall in Motion website provides you a means and opportunity to participate in the project by providing your video and the reason you wish to share your views of coasts and waters of Scotland.

Your participation in this project is voluntary.

The video you choose to submit can be of any water or coastal feature in Scotland. You can submit as many videos as you wish.

The site is moderated. We will review the videos submitted and reasons for sharing, and reserve the right to reject contributions on grounds of appropriateness.

Through the year we will review the contributions to provide reports on the characteristics of the videos, and types of reasons for sharing. At the end of the year we will review and report on the submissions received. If you have specifically consented to this, we may contact you to ask questions for evaluation of the project and final WaterWall in Motion.

Copyright ©

The copyright in your videos will remain with you. You hereby grant the James Hutton Institute a royalty-free, fully paid-up, irrevocable, non-exclusive licence to use your videos for the purposes of the WaterWall in Motion project, including, but not limited to, the use in publication materials (including social media).

You will be asked at the bottom of this page whether you wish to be acknowledged as a contributor and owner of your video(s) on this website and other publication material resulting from this project. Please note that:

Guidance on videos.

Please do not submit promotional materials (including political, commercial, or advocacy of cause). Avoid filming children in your video.

If you have questions at any time about this project, you may email us by clicking here.

Privacy notice
By registering online for this competition and submitting your video, you consent to CREW using your personal data collected via this entry form for the purposes of the ‘WaterWall in Motion’. CREW (“we”, “us”) is the Data Controller of this personal data and is committed to protecting the rights of individuals in line with current UK Data Protection Legislation. We will never share or disclose your email address to any third parties external to CREW without prior permission or transfer this information outside of the EEA. Any personal data (name, organisation, your image etc) you choose to share via your video shall be accessible to anyone via this website or other media hosting your video. The names and organisations of the winners will be announced on the CREW and SAGES website and associated social media and may be used thereafter in publicity material produced by CREW and other partners. More information about how CREW processes your personal data can be found in our full website privacy notice https://www.crew.ac.uk/privacy-notice.

You have the right to withdraw your consent at any time by contacting enquiries@crew.ac.uk.

Once you have read the following statements, please click ‘AGREE’ or ‘DISAGREE’ at the bottom of the form to give your consent to the terms and conditions of participating. You may print a copy of this consent form for your records. Clicking on the ‘AGREE’ button indicates that:

Please save your choice by clicking the 'Submit consent' button below

If you have agreed to the Consent Statement you may now contribute a video by clicking on the 'Click to submit a video' button

You may submit your videos anonymously or alternatively you can be acknowledged as the owner of the video (that is your name will be shown). For your name to be shown you must click ‘AGREE’ at the bottom of the form. By doing so you give your consent to your name being shown adjacent to your video when it is clicked by a user of this site. However, if you do not wish to be identified and acknowledged as the creator/ owner of their video, then click on ‘DISAGREE’ and thereby waive your moral rights in respect of the use of your videos by the James Hutton Institute and acknowledge that the James Hutton Institute will be under no obligation to acknowledge you as the copyright owner of the videos or your contribution to the project.

Please save your choice by clicking the 'Submit' button below

If you have completed the Acknowledgement Statement you may now contribute a video by clicking on the 'Click to submit a video' button or by clicking the button below.

We would like to be able to contact you via email at a later stage of this project to ask questions about the Waterwall project or the videos you submitted or the reasons you provided about sharing the videos. If you agree to be contacted for any of the above purposes, can you please provide the following information with your submission:
A valid email address


Instructions for submitting your video
(please note the order!)

  1. Click on the 'Click to Get started' button
  2. Click on the map at the place featured in your video
  3. Complete the form below, including the share & embed link from YouTube/Vimeo/Facebook (sorry no iCloud)
  4. Click the green button at the bottom to submit your info.

Please note that we will use the email address you provide to confirm that you give permission to us to use the video and to contact you regarding your entry to the competition for best video. Your address will not be shown on any website and it will not be used for any other purpose

Please do not share another person's video without getting their permission

Start by clicking the 'Click to Get started' button below

Next zoom into the map (or use the 'Find address or place' widget at the upper right) and click to place a point where you want your video to be centred. You can click the map again to reposition the point.

When you are happy with the location of the point enter your description and link to your video in the form below by clicking in the white boxes.

For detailed instructions to help you get the link to your video please click the button in the upper right 'Click for detailed instructions'.

If you have correctly pasted your YouTube/Vimeo/FaceBook (sorry no iCloud) link you should see and be able to play your video in the box below.

Type of water (coast, river or loch):
Brief discription (optional):
Why is it worth sharing?
The link to the video
A user-name (will be displayed), and organisation if relevant:
Email (will only be used by us to contact you):

Videos will be judged according to the theme of the content. Please choose the most suitable by selecting one of the following.

Info on the themes for video submission

Nature-based solutions: Constructed wetlands; Green urban spaces; Bioswales; Natural wetlands; Reafforestation

Droughts and floods: Flood Risk Management; Water resilient places; Water conservation; Sustainable communities

Water quality: Nutrients; Pharmaceuticals; Pesticides; Industrial waste; Organic; Sediment

Living with climate change: Resilient communities and businesses; Adaptation and mitigation measures (e.g. cooling rivers, reducing algal blooms)

Freshwater restoration: Land management; Peatland restoration; Restoration of ponds/lochs/rivers/floodplains/wetlands; Groundwater recharge; Pollution control, Species conservation

Innovation in the water sector: Net Zero emissions; Energy efficiency; Water treatment; Sensors and data analytics; Leakage control

Water and wellbeing: Blue space; Wellbeing; Health; Leisure, Recreation

Water inspired creativity: Music; Art; Drama; Poetry; Storytelling

These examples are not exhaustive.